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International Record Review - (09//2014)
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Harmonia Mundi
HMG 508462.63

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Reviewer:  Nigel Simeone

A Purcell collection by Collegium Vocale Gent brings together two discs: the first (from 1993) ranging from the noble solemnity of the Queen Mary Funeral Sentences to a group of anthems including Rejoice in the Lord alway and My Heart is inditing. The Te Deum in D major is particularly impressive, with stylish solo singing and brilliant trumpets. This disc is now coupled with the 1998 recording of Hail! Bright Cecifia and Welcome to all the pleasures. The sheer vitality ‑ and the range of colour and character that Philippe Herreweghe and bis musicians draw out of this music ‑ makes these performances irresistible. This is as good a two‑disc collection as any for anyone wanting a cross‑section of Purcell's choral works, beautifully sung and played.


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