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Harmonia Mundi
HMG 507020

Code-barres / Barcode: 0794881853021
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Reviewer: Rob Barnett

Here are 25 short pieces by the much derided Venice-born Kapsberger. They are variously for the lute (13) and the chitarrone (12). The music is heard in editions by O'Dette. The instruments sound douce indeed. They are 1984 replicas of originals by Hans Frei and Vendelio Venete. The music is peaceful, and seems lovingly relished, stately and expressive even when technically complex as in the case of the Corrente (tr.11). The CD starts with the minmalist Toccata arpeggiata which has the centuries melting away in a slowly mercurial ostinato. Odette also provides the practically supportive notes.

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