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Harmonia Mundi

 Code-barres / Barcode : 0794881852925
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Reviewer: Rob Barnett

Squeezed into one very well filled CD these are fizzingly energetic and emotionally freighted performances of three symphonies and two concertos by CPE Bach. If you have only one disc in your collection this could easily be it. Three ten minute symphonies flank and centre a collection that includes a concerto for harpsichord and a concerto for cello. CPE wrote music of great originality and hearing the stately strangeness of the Larghetto with its odd harmonic adventures is something of a shock after which the Cello Concerto Wq 170 comes as balm. The 22-strong Akademie seem a well bedded-in ensemble attuned to this composer's art. Their advocacy should continue to do much for CPE's music.

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