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Harmonia Mundi
HMG 501682

Code-barres / Barcode: 0794881852628

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Reviewer: Rob Barnett

The Huelgas-Ensemble and Paul Van Nevel have a distinguished HM discography which includes discs of Ferrabosco, de Kerle, de Lassus, Richafort (his requiem in memoriam Josquin Desprez) and various themed anthologies. Here the unifying thread is the Biblical Lamentations of Jeremiah. Those by the Augustine monk Tiburtio Massaino (c1550-1609) have the criss-cross serene vocal interplay of Monteverdi's madrigals. Robert White (c1538-1574) was master of choristers at Ely and then Chester. He fell victim to the plague in 1574. Again a complex skein of interweaving lines this time recalls Tallis. Marbrianus de Orto (c1460-c1529) seems to have received his training at Tournai Cathedral. The deeper voices contribute a rich bass burr to this 1506 Venetian version with breathy organ and quiet instrumental lines providing moments of reflection. The final Lamentations is in three segments and is by Roland de Lassus (1532-1594). It is in five parts but the counterpoint of vocal lines is a shade less intricate than in the other works here. If you enjoy the Monteverdi madrigals then do try this.

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