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Harmonia Mundi

Code-barres / Barcode : 0794881852321

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Reviewer: Rob Barnett

The purity and uncanny steadiness of Andreas Scholl's extraordinary voice is here celebrated. He does not lack for representation in the Harmonia Mundi catalogue - some seventeen entries. In this case we hear him in the ineffably beautiful and minimally scored (lute only) O Jesu, nomen dulce. Johann Christoph Bach's extraordinarily romantic Lamento is unforgettable with its strange foreshadowings of the cimbalom. Legrenzi's purely instrumental Sonata Quinta is rather ordinary in this company. Scholl unwaveringly maintains the concentration of the sombre Buxtehude Klag-lied. Erlebach's Wer sich dem himmel is a more pliantly devotional vehicle with more scope for Scholl to spread his emotional wings. Instrumental contrast is offered again in the form of Ignazio Albertini's Sonata IV for violin and continuo. It's another discovery in a disc of discoveries. For its age - Albertini's dates are c1644-1685 it is very romantic in style. When first played many parts of this 5:33 piece must have seemed outlandish indeed.

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