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Harmonia Mundi
HMG 501298

Code-barres / Barcode: 07948818522

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Reviewer: Rob Barnett

Imperial confidence is the stamp of these grandly public devotional works. Drums and romping brass declare a Purcellian confidence untroubled by doubt. It is just a little complacent though this is in no way a criticism of the artists and the boisterous qualities of the work are fitting to a Te Deum. Tenderness has its place too but it is second place - try the singing of Veronique Gens (later to make such a splash with her two CDs of the Canteloube Auvergnat songs) in Te ergo Quaesumus of the Te Deum. The Missa: Assumpta est Maria is a understated devotional work although the bubbling feathery Sanctus provides much needed relief even if it is all over too quickly. The muscular and vehement Domine salvum ends the Missa. The Litanies offer further contrast reducing textures down to only six parts, two treble viols, bass viol and organ. Again we receive full notes and texts with translations into French, English and German. The recording is closely balanced revealing every detail. How delightful is the dancing delicacy of the Speculum.

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