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GRAMOPHONE (08/1985)
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Harmonia Gold

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Reviewer: J.M .

Records of part-songs by the early sixteenth century French composer Clement Janequin tend to be packed full of action, and this one is no exception . If anything, it is even livelier that its predecessors , since the singers here go out of their way to make the words of the more boisterous and bawdy texts fully understood, adopting in the process some astonishingly fast speeds, gossipy stage-whispers and, where appropriate, torrents of raucous squawks. If you want Le chant del'alouette sung with malice and loathing, this is the record to buy. At the same time, the Clement Janequin Ensemble is capable of producing a gentler sound when necessary, and the love-songs that punctuate the proceedings are sung with equal vehemence.


Although I still remain to be convinced that Janequin is an absolutely first-class composer, you are unlikely to hear his music performed to better advantage than it is here. The quality of the recorded sound in this CD format is excellent.



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