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Fanfare Magazine: 15:1 (09-10/1991)
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Harmonia Mundi

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Reviewer: William Zagorski
Abridged version:

… I approached this four CD integral, containing hours more worth of the same, with great trepidation... Much research has gone into this recording in order to produce a complete and authoritative score. Delalande had apparently produced two sets of Tafelmusik—one consisting of 185 pieces divided into twelve suites for Louis XIV, and 300 pieces divided into eighteen suites for Louis XV (the Louis XIV score is given here). Problems of scoring (the sources were typically vague as to instrumentation) have here been generally solved with great felicity—the music has been cleverly parsed out between the strings and winds (including transverse flutes, treble recorders, bass recorders, and trumpets) and a colorful battery of percussion including castanets, tambourine, and even the échelette (xylophone!) has been employed. The result is a livening of sonic texture that actually makes these Baroque and rather pro-forma dance pieces work.

Most to the point, Reyne and his orchestra approach this music with much grace and enthusiasm. The sound is likewise uniformly excellent, which makes this a worthy addition to De Lalande's meager discography.


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