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Fanfare Magazine: 12:3 (01-02/1989)
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Harmonia Mundi

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Reviewer: George Chien  


The picture brightens dramatically with Nicholas McGegan's Water Music, played by the San Francisco-based Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, an original-instruments ensemble that he has conducted since 1985. The orchestra's roster, included with the notes, numbers 10 violins, two each of violas, cellos, oboes, horns, and trumpets, with three horns, with single players on double bass, recorder, flute, and timpani. McGegan shares the continuo keyboard duties with Susan Harvey. This is a Water Music to conjure with. It is witty, vital, vivacious, and thoroughly delightful. McGegan separates the three suites, placing the G-major Suite in the middle, and includes the two alternate movements at the end of the Suite in F. McGegan favors quick tempos, requiring just over two minutes longer than Pinnock, notwithstanding the two extra movements (more than eight minutes between them). The recording is bright and airy. The notes are brief and general, the only part of this production that might be improved. This one goes near the top of a long list. Highly recommended.

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