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12:2 (11-12/1988)
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Harmonia Mundi

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Reviewer: George Chien

Bach's Trauer Ode is greatly admired, as well it should be, but it hasn't received the attention on records that it deserves, Westminster issued a fine mono version by Hermann Scherchen (who else?) three decades ago, but I would guess that many more Schwanns, have been printed without a listing for Cantata 198 than with one. Thus this splendid new release from Harmonia Mundi is doubly welcome. The origin of this funeral cantata is typical of Bach's stormy relationship with his superiors in Leipzig, who charged that his lack of a university degree made him unqualified to undertake such an important commission. We are fortunate that Bach had already completed the score when university officials tried to retrieve the libretto, since the resulting cantata is not only intellectually stimulating but deeply affecting as well, especially in the poignant opening and concluding choruses (there is no chorale setting). Perhaps the most unusual and striking movement is the alto recitative that evokes the tolling of bells. Bach later reworked several movements from the Trauer Ode for his St. Mark Passion, now lost.

Jesu, der du meine Seele (BWV 78), which shares the disc, is another of Bach's finest cantatas, but one that has never lacked representation on discs. La Chapelle Royale here comprises 16 voices (including both genders in the high voices) and an original-instruments ensemble that numbers 23. Herreweghe leads beautifully integrated, highly affecting performances of both works. The tempos tend to be quick (though he takes the remarkable duet of Cantata 78 at a much more relaxed pace than Rilling). The recording is warm and clear. Full texts and translations into French and English are provided. This disc is long overdue and highly recommended.

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