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Fanfare Magazine: 12: (09-10 / 1988)
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Harmonia Mundi

Code-barres / Barcode : 0794881855322

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Reviewer: J. F. Weber

In this program there are 18 pieces in all, but only four are instrumental, including the Canzone francese del Principe. The 17 madrigals are taken progressively on the disc from Books III to VI, with the instrumental interludes, so to speak, separating the books. These Books are generally classed as more mature than the madrigals of Books I and II. All, of course, are for five voices, but seven members of the group take turns according to vocal requirements. Among the three instrumentalists is Andrew Lawrence-King on the harp, familiar recently on Hyperion.

As expected, the madrigals are sung according to current notions of appropriate style. In fact, the three pieces duplicated on Anthony Rooley's Book V sound very much the same here. (Notice that the two Book V pieces most frequently recorded are not included.) Hence this makes a nice overview of the composer's later madrigals. The singing is always expressive, the voices perfectly balanced and in tune. The notes by Carlo Piccardi (in Italian and three translations) are wordy, and texts and translations are printed. The sound is clean and close-up. This is a good way for a collector to cover an important madrigal composer.

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