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Reviewer: David W. Moore

Here is a fine rendition of JS Bach’s most demanding cello suites, in E-flat, C minor, and D. Tetzlaff plays them with attention to the shaping of phrases and a feeling for the dances. That puts these interpretations high on my list of favorites. She tunes her A string down to G for Suite 5 as Bach directs, but for Suite 6 she does not add a top E string, but plays the notes with panache and accuracy nonetheless.


In between the suites we run across Cracks and Clouds on ice by Thorsten Encke (b. 1966), who set them for cello and tape in 2018 for Tetzlaff to skate from one suite to another, which she does without once losing her balance. The iceworks are only three to four minutes long, and they are quite amusing in their curious adventures of cello against a recorded cello and sound effects to boot (or skate). They do not detract from Bach as they lead the player from one suite to the next. The recorded sound is clear and warm. It surprises me that this appears to be only the second time I have reviewed a recording by Tanja Tetzlaff. Her playing is so technically polished and musically alert to bringing off the best in Bach that it is odd that she has appeared so seldom on records. My previous review of her was of Haydn’s cello concertos with Domenico Gabrielli ricercars (Camerata 365; July/Aug 1996). I liked that a lot. Her violinist brother, Christian has made many recordings; they appear together in the three Brahms piano trios with Lars Vogt (Ondine 1271, Nov/Dec 2015).

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