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GRAMOPHONE ( 03/ 2019)
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CPO 5551702

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Reviewer: David Vickers

Graupner (also Kuhnau’s pupil) auditioned for the post of Thomaskantor – but the Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt offered his Kapellmeister an improved salary. Three cantatas composed for Lent 1741 are performed exquisitely by the Solistenensemble Ex Tempore and Mannheimer Hofkapelle, conducted sagaciously by Florian Heyerick. The charming music may not seem consistent with the topos of devoutly contemplative texts on aspects of the Passion story, but if you scratch the surface there is a richness of poignancy and an abundance of fertile musical invention in accompanied recitatives, extended arias featuring varying combinations of concertante instruments, and deeply expressive choral writing – particularly in the Good Friday cantata Die Gesegnete Vollendung der Leiden Jesu.




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