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Reviewer: Alan Becker

Only the strings of the Toulouse Orchestra are used, and David Fray serves as both pianist and conductor. Who plays in what concerto is adequately clarified on both back cover and notes. There are three concertos for two pianos and one apiece for three and four. All pianists are well up to their tasks, as is the ensemble, and the contrapuntal strands are immaculately delineated by the clarity of the recording. Bach aficionados will immediately recognize that four of the concertos were originally written for other instruments and possibly question the lack of authenticity in performing them on modern instruments. But I find the recording treasurable, fully convincing, and a joy in reflecting the spirit of the music as well as a treat for the ear. I am aware that the sound of a harpsichord is entirely different, where texture and clarity are inevitably compromised. Not so here, thanks to the use of pianos and the skill of the sound engineer.


The excellent notes add to the attraction of this recording, and I do recommend purchase highly. If Bach for modern ears turns you off, you will be missing something very special. I shall be returning to this often. It certainly out-ranks several other recordings played on piano.


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