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A,erican Record Guide: (09/2018) 
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Harmonia Mundi

Code-barres / Barcode : 3149020233122


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Reviewer: David W. Moore

CPE Bach wrote three cello concertos. Two are played here to good effect by a cellist with fine technique and musicianship. His cello playing is notable for accuracy and involvement with Bach’s intensity, and he also plays with an

early music not-much-vibrato style that he handles so well that it feels just right. He is joined by a string orchestra that works with him with remarkable precision and matches his virtuosity with its own. Between the two concertos, the ensemble plays the little nine-minute symphony with evident enjoyment.


This is potentially an outstanding release, recorded with clarity and warmth. So why is it so short? There’s another concerto out there that most recordings include, and there was room for it. Otherwise, this is up there with the best.


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