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Reviewer: John W. Barker

This is Volume 7 in The Sixteen’s Palestrina series for its Coro label. Volume 3 was reviewed by Mr Brewer (16106, J/A 2013); Vol. 4 was reviewed by me (16114, M/A 2014); Vol. 5 was reviewed by Mr Brewer again (16124, N/D 2014). Volume 6 (16133) was missed. The programming pattern has become fixed. There is a Mass, in this case the Ave Regina Caelorum. There are always several motets, here seven of them. And there is a group of three items from the Canticum Canticorum (Song of Songs). Since Palestrina made a total of 29 of those settings, and we get them three to each volume, in strict order, Nos. 19- 21 here allow the presumption that two or three volumes remain to complete the series. The theme of this volume is women in the Bible, as embodied in liturgical texts—the Virgin Mary, of course, but also Mary Magdalene and St Barbara, plus Susanna from the Old Testament. The selections offer ample demonstrations of Palestrina’s skills and refinements in weaving polyphonic textures. A particular example is the five-voice alternatim hymn setting, Ave Maris Stella where the odd-numbered stanzas are sung in plainchant and even-numberd ones in Palestrina’s polyphonic elaborations of the melody. In that format, one can readily appreciate the fertility of Palestrina’s imagination. It is no news that Christophers has developed his ensemble’s sound into a model of choral beauty, balanced and polished from top to bottom. The choir is recorded at just enough distance to preserve the glowing resonance supplied by a London church setting without blurring the clarity of the part writing. Extensive notes, texts and translations.

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