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Fanfare Magazine: 39:5 (05-06/2016) 
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Reviewer: Peter Burwasser

And what does this young Parisian-born pianist bring to the Goldberg party that cannot be found in the well over 100 recordings now in the catalog? A few things, actually. His tone is attractively pearly, his tempos are moderate in a way that allows the music to open up and breathe, and he tinkers with embellishments in an imaginative and elegant way. He takes repeats as he sees fit, and I basically commend his good taste in doing so. But that moderation in tempo also results in playing that is never scintillating, even though he obviously has the technique to play that way if he so chooses. Also, Tharaud seems intent on playing in a dramatically objective manner, which I would normally applaud, but it does leave this Bach a bit on the dry side, in an emotional sense at least as compared to other modern interpretations. His few liberties with the score, beyond the aforementioned customization of the embellishments, include some interesting rhythmic phrasing and harmonic voicing, effects which I enjoyed, but could sound somewhat precious to other ears. This is music that is ever remarkable, in a performance that is not, given the withering competition.

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